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TOPIC: Unresponsiveness of template

Unresponsiveness of template 4 years 3 months ago #1

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Hi there

I'm having some issues with the responsiveness of this template.

The template is supposed to be responsive - the border feature on the header does not work on smaller screen sizes - I managed to work around this by playing with the style sheets on the smaller screen sizes, though the slider keeps appearing as the border graphic and the slider seem to be tied into the same top-wrapper. It would appear from your other posts that the slider is not responsive and therefore you have just removed it from smaller screen sizes rather than resolve the problem - this does not however make the template responsive.

Also the suckerfish menu doesn't display correctly if you change the colour scheme - the background colour doesn't update to reflect the new colour scheme on smaller screen sizes. I have again had to manually change the style sheets - though having worked this out - it turns out that the menu items drop onto the next line on smaller screens - the wrapper box doesn't however, leaving menu items out of sync with the rest of the menu box.

I've spent the day trying to correct issues that are frankly poor coding and now about to give up.

Have you any advice on either of these issues.

I wish I had checked your demo template on an iPad mini before buying as I would have noticed that this does't work properly and is not actually responsive at all, even though its listed as such and bought on these grounds.


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Unresponsiveness of template 4 years 3 months ago #2

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Hi Ewan, sorry that youre not happy with that theme.
If you want another one, let me know this, otherwise you can get a refund!

But I could not see any issue with my Iphone:

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