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Joomla Templates vs WordPress Themes

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According to the latest statistics, 48% of people named design to be the main factor in deciding the credibility of a website. Due to the fact that a theme/template is the basis for the overall site modeling, the importance of choosing a proper one can’t be overestimated. While the look and visual appeal are rightfully the leading influences in the selection process, they shouldn’t be the only aspects considered. Moreover, the quality and assortment of available design options depends greatly on the CMS solution in use. So let’s get straight to the point and look at how templates in Joomla are different from themes in WordPress and what factors need to be taken into account when choosing a theme/template for your site.

Theme vs. Template - Similarities and Differences


Basically, the terms “theme” and “template” are just different names that two major CMSs - WordPress and Joomla - use to describe roughly the same concept. What Joomla calls a template and WordPress - a theme is, in general terms, the collection of code files and images that determine how a site looks. It includes the whole range of things, such as fonts, styles, colour schemes, and other tweaks, that affect the overall aesthetics of the site. Therefore, many people use the these terms as synonyms. However, regardless of the fact that they do have a lot in common, a few important distinctions should be made.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that you can encounter the term “template” in WordPress glossary as well, however within this platform it possesses a different meaning. A template in WordPress defines a part of a web page generated by a the theme, it is a so called blueprint of the site. Templates can differ depending on the type of the page being created, but will share resembling patterns across the site.

Another difference worth noting is the purpose or possible use of these website designing tools. Joomla templates are generally developed to be multifunctional, that is they can be easily adjusted for various types of projects. WordPress themes, on the other hand, are usually less adaptable and are created with a specific purpose in mind. This may be a little limiting and requires more careful consideration before giving preference to a particular option, for it may be quite difficult to customize later on, unless of course you are a web designer.

As for the multiple templates option, those can be added both in Joomla and WordPress, however, the former one makes the process much easier and more user-friendly. The easiest option to add different themes within one website in WordPress is via plugins.

Developing Custom Templates/Themes and Using Frameworks


As for building custom templates or themes, there is no major difference between Joomla and WordPress. With the sufficient knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS and the platform’s documentation, developing for either of them shouldn’t cause any problems. When it comes to available frameworks though, WordPress seems to take the cake. This platform offers a number of really great theme frameworks that allow webmasters to tailor-make not only the look of the site but also turn some functions on and off globally and on a per page basis. Moreover, these tools generally don’t require extensive HTML or CSS knowledge.

Bottom Line

The last thing necessary to mention are a few advice on selecting a template/theme worth following, regardless of the platform you use:

  • Look for a responsive option
  • Make sure it is being updated
  • Create a child theme/template

Overall, the choice between WordPress themes and Joomla templates, really comes down to the user’s personal preference. For those less experienced in web design both platforms offer a wide variety of premium themes that can satisfy even the most ambitious desires. Experienced users, however may find Joomla to be somewhat more versatile in terms of design, while WordPress is a minimalistic one-purpose solution.

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