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Page Builder, Sitebuilder pro & cons

Page Builder, Sitebuilder pro & cons

First at all, our themes are working well with each sitebuilder or pagebuilder.

Just my 5 cent, it is completely senseless to use a CMS with a site or pagebuilder! If you have no experience in Joomla/Wordpress then please use some really great webpagebuilder like Jimdo or SquareSpace. Here you can build and style your website with drag and drop function and without any security risk. And the best at all, there is no CMS update hassle.

Pro Site/Pagebuilder

  • User friendly: Site builders are meant to make the design process easier. You don’t need to know how to code in order to use one. Instead, the app helps you to implement various types of content and functionality with just a few clicks.
  • Lots of options: Different site builders excel at specific tasks and cater to different user levels. So, no matter what type of functionality you’re after – you have options. This means that you can choose the site builder that fits your needs, rather than having to settle.

Cons Site/Pagebuilder

  • You’re making a commitment: You and whichever site builder you choose will be in a long-term relationship. Once your website is built, you may find that switching to another tool is quite difficult. Each site builder works differently and one isn’t likely to be compatible with the other – regardless of platform.
  • CMS updating problems: Before you can update your Joomla or Wordpress you have to be sure that your sitebuilder is working in the new version too. If the new version of your CMS is not compatible with your installed sitebuilder you can´t update your system and it´s a big security risk!
  • Security: Some sitebuilders are a major safety gap where hackers and spammers come in, therefore you have to check the update of the site/pagebuilder regulary. And this is not so easy at all, because sitebuilder install many plugins, modules and components.

Don’t expect miracles

While they can make adding layouts and content a lot easier, site builders still have their limitations. They won’t, for example, fully replace the knowledge and experience of a professional web designer. They are simply a tool to help you get things done.

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