Mobile Logo

The Logo is actually a simple image element. In Joomla we are using a Custom HTML module published on the themes logo position for it to display.

  1. Go to Extensions » Modules Manager.
  2. Click on New.
  3. Select a Custom HTML module.
  4. And fill the Custom Output field.
  5. After publishing the module, the logo will display in the template on module position logo-small
  6. For mobile devices we have added a module position logo-small for responsive view

For example use following code:

<img src="/images/logo.png" alt="Demo" border="0" height="227" width="679">	
Not every theme have a mobile logo module position. There check out the theme documentation > module position

Single License ( Download 1 Template only)

The "Single Template" is dedicated to all customer that need only one Template for their business or private project. Therefore you have to select the Template and click the "Buy Now" button.

Your ordered Template comes with a 1 domain license. This means you are entitled to use our products on one Joomla Installation. However this does not grant you the privilege to publicly post our products for download on any domain or download/file share/email services.

Memberships ( Download all Templates)

During the membership you have access to all themes, monthly new releases, support and regular updates and you can use our themes on as many concurrent sites.

However, you can change the themes of your current sites and use new ones at anytime.

You do not need to have an active membership to use the template furthermore.