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Changing the Favicon Of Your Site

The favicon appears usually in the favorites menu (bookmarks in some browsers) of a browser. Your favorite icon (commonly referred to as the favicon) is an image file and is normally named favicon.ico and apple_touch_icon.png

Where can I find the favicon

Connect via FTP to your Joomla installation folder and switch to the installed Joomla Template:

Delete both files and upload your new images.

Joomla Installation / templates / your installed-template / favicon.ico ( 12px x 12px)
Joomla Installation / templates / your installed-template / apple_touch_icon.png ( 114px x 114px) Changing the Favicon Of Your Site
Since your browser has already downloaded (cached) your old favicon, you probably won't see the changed icon till you clear your cache and refresh (you may have to refresh multiple times before you see the changed icon)
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