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Revolution Slider

Install the Slider

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the Template package ( jp_YourTheme_unzip_first.zip) The package you will download contains everything to get the Slider up and running and it is compatible with Joomla 3.x. It does not need to be uncompressed.

Once you have downloaded the package, go into the Joomla Administrator and:

  1. Select from the top menu: Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Install
  2. Click on Upload Package File Choose File button
  3. Select the zip file from your local drive folder > jp_yourtheme_unzip_first\Extensions\Revolution Slider
  4. Click the Upload & Install button.

Use the Slider

You can make a slider easily just follow those step by step procedure, here the step 1 for adding new slider.

Step1 ( Create a Slider)

  1. Click on Components
  2. Unite Slider
  3. Create a new slide or Import a slider

Detailed Documention

Step 2 ( Assign the Slider to a module position)

  1. Go to Extensions » Modules.
  2. Click on New.
  3. Now select the Unite Slider 2
  4. Select the slider you want to assign to this module

Single License ( Download 1 Template only)

The "Single Template" is dedicated to all customer that need only one Template for their business or private project. Therefore you have to select the Template and click the "Buy Now" button. Your ordered Template comes with a 1 domain license. This means you are entitled to use our products on one Joomla Installation.

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Memberships ( Download all Templates)

During the membership you have access to all themes, monthly new releases and you can use our themes on as many concurrent sites. You do not need to have an active membership to use the template furthermore.

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