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Astroid 3.0.15 - Changelog

Astroid 3.0.15 - Changelog was created by joomlaplates

Posted 2 years 5 months ago #30187
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Changelog 3.0.15
Added     Add Testimonial Widget     Add Map Widget     Add Astroid Captcha & Form Builder Widget     Add feature display menu via a Module Position     Add Accordion Widget Improved     Update loadCaptcha function     Add feature call ajax for Widgets     Improve Subform field     Improve UI/UX for Modal view     Improve Video Background Overlay     Improve Article Widget     Update dark, light mode for Carousel slider     Add Border render function     Add Border field and Improve Vue Script     Improve transition for Light Up Effect     Improve Button Widget add target     Improve Image, Heading and Image Group Addon     Improve Grid widget style     Add Button Text Type     Improved Grid Image widget     Improved Image Group widget     Improve button style for Slideshow Widget Fixed bugs     Fix issue Author Info return null value #670     Fix issue Color mode switcher always visible in Sticky Header #660     Fix issue iconv - Detected an illegal character in input string #683     Check if first char of id is number then replace with a string
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